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Lip Pigmentation

Labial Melanotic Macule (LMM) usually do not have symptoms but they do bother the patient. Firstly, they worry that it may be cancerous and many patients consult a dermatologist for this reason. Secondly, it bothers them cosmetically.

Why Choose Dr. Wong Soon Tee

Friendly & Experienced Specialist

Dr. Wong connects well with his patients & he is a specialist with over 30 years of experience.

Dedicated & Focused Patient Care

Dr. Wong will manage every step of his patient’s skin healing journey.

Safe & Effective Treatments

We offer a selection of carefully curated FDA & HSA-approved treatments that give effective results.

Dr. Wong Soon Tee

Consultant Dermatologist
Care and Professionalism Refined by Over 30 years of Dermatology Experience
  • MBBS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore
  • MRCP. Member of Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom
  • FAMS, Fellow of Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
  • Visiting Consultant, University Dermatology Division, National University Hospital
  • Visiting Consultant, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre, National University Hospital

What is the Labial Melanotic Macule (LMM)?

LMM usually appears as a single or multiple flat, brown to black pigmentation on the lips. Sun exposure may be the cause for its occurrence.

LMM usually do not have symptoms but they do bother the patient. Firstly, they worry that it may be cancerous and many patients consult a dermatologist for this reason. Secondly, it bothers them cosmetically.

Lip Pigmentation


How Do You Treat LMM?

A typical LMM has a characteristic pattern when examined with the dermoscopy. There is no need for treatment unless you want to remove it for cosmetic reasons. If treatment is requested, the macules can be removed using a Helios III Pigment laser and the result is excellent. Generally, 1-3 sessions of treatment should be sufficient to completely clear the pigmentation. However, Dr. Wong may biopsy a lesion that shows progressive changes and is suspicious looking.

Restore Your Skin

Many conditions may mimic LMM; hence, consultation with an experienced dermatologist is prudent. Call Assurance Skin Clinic at +65 6694 1121 if you need an assessment now.

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Other Types Of Lip Pigmentation

  • Venous lake

    A dilated veins on the lip (see diagram above)

  • Melanoma

    A deadly pigmented skin cancer

  • Mole

    Yes, mole can occur on the lip, make sure you check your moles regularly

  • Peutz Jeghers Syndrome

    A genetic syndrome with lip pigmentation and tumor in the gut

  • Addison’s disease

    An endocrine disorder with fatigue, tiredness, weakness, skin and mucosal pigmentation due to adrenal gland insufficiency

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