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Laser Surgery

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is an intense beam of light tuned to a single specific wavelength (color) and travels in a single direction. Laser offers dermatologists a unique tool to destroy the intended target in the skin and yet leaves the surrounding tissue minimally damaged.

Specific examples where laser treatment offers special advantages

Pigment lightening or removal

Q-switch ND-YAG lasers e.g. Helios III or Picosecond lasers are currently the common lasers used for pigment removal treatment. Using these lasers on correctly diagnosed skin pigmentation e.g. freckles, sun spots and melasma often produce excellent results with minimal or no downtime.

Useful Link: Pigmentation, Melasma, Helios III

    Facial rejuvenation

    Laser toning with Helios III lightens the appearance of facial pigmentation and gives one a refreshing look. It improves skin texture, reduces the tiny blood vessels and redness of rosacea. Doing rejuvenating laser toning at a monthly or bi-monthly interval is able to help one to keep their skin looking dewy and bright!

    Useful Link: Helios III, Rosacea

      Hair removal

      IPL or long pulse YAG laser treatments help to reduce annoying and unwanted hair for both men and women. A series of such light or laser treatments could help to achieve “Permanent hair removal” that is not attainable with waxing, threading or shaving.

      Useful Link: Hair Removal

        Laser Tattoo Removal

        Using specific pigment laser e.g. Helios III or Picosecond laser, red, blue and black ink tattoos can be safely and effectively lightened or removed without scarring. Multiple sessions of laser treatments are generally required. However, green tattoos can only be removed using the Alexandrite laser.
        Prior to the advent of lasers, tattoo removal is always associated with a lot of scarring. Hence, laser has brought tremendous advances in tattoo removal to help people to remove what they no longer want to keep.

        Useful Link: Tattoo Removal

          Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser

          Fractional CO2 ablative laser is the common approach to treat acne scars as well as for skin rejuvenation. They are also used for superficial skin cancer e.g. BCC and benign skin growths. CO2 laser could make shallow cuts and seal the bleeding vessels and is useful in some skin surgery e.g. circumcision.

          Useful Link: Acupulse CO2 Laser, Acne Scar, Anti-wrinkle Injection

            Vascular Laser Treatment

            Vascular laser damages the blood vessel wall and causes the walls to stick together. This will empty all the blood within the lumen, leading to their removal. Some of the skin conditions that respond well to vascular laser treatment are as follows e.g. superficial facial redness, Rosacea, Port Wine Stains, hemangiomas and hypertrophic scar. Again, vascular laser has brought tremendous advantages to help doctors to manage the wide array of vascular skin problems.

              When do you choose laser surgery?

              Since Dr Goldman, the father of dermatologic laser surgery, published his first work on the use of a laser on skin diseases in 1963, there has been a greater understanding of skin’s clinical response to laser treatment. Today, dermatologists are able to use better and more powerful lasers to treat more clinical problems and to improve clinical outcomes.

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              Is laser treatment better than everything else?

              Laser treatment is not always better than other types of treatment and it is usually more costly when laser instruments are used. The use of laser treatment on the skin is rapidly advancing and ever changing and it gains a lot of attention on social media. It is no surprise that laser treatment is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they have clinical and aesthetic concerns such as facial rejuvenation, mole removal, pigment lightening, scar improvement and improving facial redness and vascularity.

              However, most dermatologists will weigh their options and choose their choice of treatment according to the skin problems and the pros and cons of each treatment. Although a laser is fascinating, it is not a magic bullet that can solve all problems. Laser surgery is only as good as the doctor who uses it and skin laser therapy is not without risk.

              What are the side effects of laser surgery?

              Lasers are powerful machines. To use the machine safely and deliver results for patients requires a skillful blend of arts and science by an experienced doctor. One needs to carefully consider the credentials of doctors before committing your skin and money to undergo any laser treatments. Laser burn, scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and lack of results can occur at times.

              Laser Surgery at Assurance Skin Clinic

              At Assurance skin clinic, we provide a range of aesthetic lasers carefully selected by Dr Wong Soon Tee over his 30 years of experience in this field. Skilled and well trained, Dr Wong blends his foundation in dermatology with modern laser devices to achieve optimal results for his patients.

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