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Acne Scar Removal by
Dr. Wong Soon Tee

Get your acne scars treated by Dr. Wong Soon Tee, an MOH-certified dermatologist with 30 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acne scars.

  • Clinically proven treatments
  • Works on all types of scars
  • Visible & Lasting Results

Why Choose Dr. Wong’s Acne Scar Removal Program

Experienced & Insightful Consultation

Our specialist listens & explains well to his patients on their skin issues and their queries. Then he will formulate the most suitable treatment plan based on his 30 years of clinical experience.

Minimal Pain

The treatment areas will be appropriately anaesthesized with numbing cream and anaesthesia injection.

Natural & Permanent Results

Our results-driven approach includes treatment options that stimulate natural healing for the skin.

Clinically Proven Treatments

We offer a selection of carefully curated FDA & HSA-approved treatments that give effective results.

Common Acne Scars

Every individual may develop severe acne, however, they may scar in a different way. Your acne scar depends on what type of acne you’ve had and for how long.

Ice Pick Scars

Rolling Scars

Boxcar Scars

Keloid Scars

Dr. Wong Soon Tee

Consultant Dermatologist
Care and Professionalism Refined by Over 30 years of Dermatology Experience
  • MBBS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore
  • MRCP. Member of Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom
  • FAMS, Fellow of Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
  • Visiting Consultant, University Dermatology Division, National University Hospital
  • Visiting Consultant, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre, National University Hospital

What is an Acne Scar?

Acne scars are the result of the skin’s repair of wounds caused by acne inflammation. They are disfiguring, disheartening and affect one’s self-confidence.

Importance of Early Intervention

In scar treatment, prevention is most important. This is achieved through early medical intervention which includes preventing acne outbreaks and educating teenagers against scratching their acne.

Our Preferred Treatment Methods
For Acne Scar Removal

In many cases, different types of scars appear together on the face, thus there is a need to combine different treatments to achieve the optimal result. Every treatment has its own unique advantage and strength and addresses the specific type of scar or underlying skin issue.

  • Fractional CO2
    (All Acne Scars)

    Fractional CO2 laser utilizes a very narrow laser microbeam to initiate a quick wound healing response and develops new collagen on the treated skin.

    This laser significantly helps to improve and smooth appropriate acne scars.

  • TCA Cross
    (Ice Pick & Boxcar Scars)

    TCA CROSS stands for Tri-Chloracetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction of Scarring. It uses 80-100% TCA to improve the appearance of pore-like scars and acne scars that are either ice pick, punch out or box-like.

  • Scars Subcision
    (All Scars)

    In scars subcision, a needle-blade is inserted from the edge of the scars into the base of the acne scars to cut and free the fibrous-like scars. Where necessary, Dr. Wong will combine this procedure with other treatments to obtain optimum results.

  • Surgical Excision of Isolated Scars
    (Small & Linear Scars)

    This method is best suited for small and linear scars. Dr. Wong will remove the scar surgically and re-join the normal skin. The skin will heal neatly into a less obvious scar.

  • ND-YAG Laser
    (Hyperpigmented Acne Scars)

    For patients who are eager to improve their “acne marks” quickly, ND-YAG laser treatment is invaluable. Generally, two to five sessions of treatments will be sufficient to lighten or completely clear the hyperpigmented acne marks.

  • Chemical Peels
    (Atrophic Acne Scars)

    Chemical peels remove the top layer of the skin with a medical-grade chemical acid to smooth depressed and superficial scars. Different chemicals can be used to peel the skin at varying depth.

Rebuild Your Skin

Safe & Clinically proven treatment plans
for all types of scars

To improve and reduce the appearance of your scars. Get started on the path to smoother and clearer skin. Book an appointment today with Dr. Wong.

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ReBuild Your Skin

Acne Scar Removal Treatment Roadmap

An acne scar treatment specialist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wong Soon Tee will be able to accurately identify the nature of your acne scars and recommend the most effective & safe treatment plan for you.

  • 1 on 1 Consultation With Dr. Wong

    Dr. Wong will do a comprehensive evaluation of your skin health and past treatments. Towards the end of the consultation, he will recommend the most effective treatment plan for your condition. All patients are welcome to consult Dr. Wong on anything regarding their treatment plan.

  • Safe & Effective Treatments

    Dr. Wong & his friendly clinic staff will ensure that your treatment session will be smooth & effective with manageable side effects.

  • Post Procedure Follow-Up

    After your first session, our friendly clinic staff will schedule a follow-up appointment for Dr. Wong to evaluate your post treatment issues and concerns.

An experienced dermatologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wong Soon Tee will be able to accurately identify the nature of your acne scars and recommend the most suitable treatment for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Acne Scar Removal

    • Are acne scar removal treatments painful?

      Numbing cream and local anesthesia are applied before all treatments, so pain levels are minimal. The depth of the laser applied to your skin will also depend on the type of scar and severity of your skin condition.

    • Can acne scars be permanently removed?

      For some acne scars, yes. Depending on the severity and type of acne scars you have, Dr. Wong will prescribe a treatment plan that is most effective in improving and reducing the appearance of your scars.

    • What causes acne scars?

      Acne breakouts typically penetrate the skin deeply, damaging skin and tissue below it. As soon as the acne clears, the body attempts to repair this damage. During the healing process, the body produces collagen, a substance that gives skin support. If the body produces too little or too much collagen, a scar will develop. The kind of scar that develops depends on how much collagen is produced.

    • Do I need acne scar treatment?

      Clinical treatments are recommended based on the severity of your scars. Early prevention is important to prevent further scarring. It helps to boost one’s self confidence, career search and progress.

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