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IMG_1780What is Keloid?

A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue that occurs at the site of a skin injury or inflammation e.g. surgery, burn, acne, chickenpox infection. It typically appears as a raised reddish growth that grows beyond the size of the original injury. It may sometimes be irregular in shape and tends to enlarge progressively for 6 to 12 months.


Where are Keloid commonly found and what are the effects of Keloid?

Keloids are most commonly found on the chest, shoulders, back of the neck, jawline areas, earlobes, arms and upper backs. The main concern of keloids is usually the cosmetic appearance. Keloids can also be painful, itchy or cause a burning sensation. If the keloid stretches across a joint, it may also cause restriction of movement.

CMS Acne keloid chest

Acne keloid scars on chest

What causes Keloids?

Keloids occur more commonly in women as well as in pre-disposed individual. It is a result of abnormal and exuberant wound healing. High skin tension at the wound healing site plays a significant contributory role to keloid formation. It most often occurs following surgical and non-surgical wound healing e.g. open-heart surgery, ear lobe piercing; however, inflammatory skin conditions like acne, chickenpox and vaccination reaction may also induce keloid formation.

Keloid from a recent surgery

Keloid from a recent surgery

Prevention and treatment of Keloids

The optimal result for treating keloids is if you start treatment soon after the keloid appears. Commonly used treatments include the application of silicone gel sheets, steroid injection, liquid Nitrogen therapy, laser therapy, surgical excision and radiation therapy. Dr Wong Soon Tee has learnt the relevant surgical techniques on keloid management and surgery from Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr Rei Ogawa.

In patients with a higher risk of developing keloids, non-essential surgery should be avoided as far as possible, especially in sites where keloids occur commonly. Where surgery cannot be avoided, the good surgical technique should be adopted to minimize the occurrence of keloids.

Call Assurance Skin clinic at 66941121 for an appointment with Dr Wong to evaluate your scars and discuss the treatment options now.

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