OBAGI NU DERM Skin care system

NU DERM is a complete skin care system customized for overall skin rejuvenation- brightening, lightening and smoothening of the skin.

Using together with Tretinoin cream, the prescriptive-only range of CLEAR, BLENDER and coupled with other specially formulated products are designed to improve the health and appearance of skin from inside out.

NU DERM system is particularly effective in treating :

  • Facial pigmentation / uneven skin tone
  • Moderate to severe acne marks
  • Age Spots and sun damaged skin
  • Rough skin
  • Sallowness (yellowish complexion)

A consultation with Dr Wong is necessary because the use of CLEAR, BLENDER and Tretinoin cream require prescription. This also allows Dr Wong to properly assess your skin and to discuss with you the treatment plan, expectation and side effects. Your progress will be monitored and once the desired effect is achieved, a maintenance program will be formulated for you.

Dr Wong has more than 20 years of experience treating patients combining NU DERM Skin care with OPT/IPL, laser and other treatments. He can create a bespoke, personalized treatment regime for your skin and many patients have relied on his expertise to clear their skin blemishes.

Call us at +65 6694 1121 for an appointment for a brighter and more radiant skin.