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Lips Enhancement

Lips augmentation

Lips augmentation

Lips Volume and Definition

As we age, the elastic and collagen fibres in the lips degenerate.  There is thinning of the skin of the lips and its underlying muscle. Visually, these changes cause the lips to lose its volume and shape and the lips become thinner and inverted. The outline of the lips and cupids bow also becomes less defined.

All these changes can be corrected with hyaluronic acid fillers injection. The volume of the lips can be restored, shape better defined and cupids bow enhanced with a 30-50 minutes outpatient fillers injection procedure.

Lips Colour and Pigmentation

“Mole-like” pigmentation can appear on the lips and these include labial melanotic macule (LMM) and venous lake.

LMM commonly appears as a distinct black spot/patch and is made up of melanin pigment mainly. They respond well to Q-Switched ND-YAG laser and very often only 1 session of treatment is required.

A venous lake is a blood vessel disorder and it responds well to long-pulsed ND-YAG laser treatment.

In some situation, sun-induced pigmentation on lips can be lightened with the laser too.

Lips Eczema and Dryness

Lips eczema and dryness can be due to many reasons. It causes inflammation, fissuring, swelling and scaling of the lips. This leads to the loss of moist and luscious looking lips. Dr Wong will diagnose and treat accordingly to bring back the colour and lustre of healthy looking lips.

Perioral Wrinkles/Smoker’s Lines

Perioral wrinkles/smoker’s lines (tiny wrinkle lines that extend vertically upward from the upper lip into the skin) are seen more commonly in the Caucasian population and contribute to the ageing facial appearance. They are due to the loss of collagen as a result of sun-damage and further aggravated by cigarette smoking and regular pursing of the lips.

Treatment options include botulinum toxin injection, fillers injection and Acupulse fractional CO2 laser treatment.

Only small doses of botulinum toxin injection are given at selected sites of the upper lips. The result is good but usually lasts only for 4 to 6 weeks as frequent movements of our lips wear off the effect.

Fillers injection gives a highly satisfactory result too. Not only does the hyaluronic acid fill up the lines, but it also enhances the hydration of the skin and rejuvenates the skin around the lips.

Acupulse fractional CO2 laser treatment around the mouth can also be employed to boost collagen production.

Marionette’s line

Marionette lines are lines that run downward from the corners of the mouth. It appears with advancing age as we lose collagen, skin elasticity and the loss of the facial fat. These lines can turn into deeper creases over time and can make one appear to be sad and unhappy.

Mild to moderate Marionette lines can be treated and softened with botulinum toxin, together with hyaluronic acid fillers with good results.

The more severe ones will need to undergo a surgical correction as part of an overall surgical face lifting.

Are you interested to find out which Lip Treatment can benefit you?

Dr Wong Soon Tee is a MOH accredited dermatologist for more than 20 years. As a skin specialist, he deals regularly with issues on lip volume, contour, pigmentation, eczema, dryness, wrinkles around the lips and Marionette’s line. Call Assurance Skin Clinic at 66941121 for an appointment to consult him now.

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