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Jaw Line Contouring

What is the Square Jaw Reduction procedure or Facial Slimming Injection all about?

V shape facial contour

V shape facial contour

Some people, especially Asian, are bothered by their harsh and square-looking face. The wide and square jawline can be attributed to the prominent jaw bone, strong chewing muscle or bulky parotid gland. Reshaping the appearance of a wide and square facial shape and jawline to a more oval facial shape or V shape face can help to improve on one’s facial harmony and beauty.

During the consultation, Dr Wong will assess whether you are a good candidate for square jaw reduction/facial slimming injection using botulinum toxin.

In addition, people who grind in their sleep (known as bruxism) with worn down teeth would also benefit from this injection to weaken their chewing muscle, so as to preserve and protect their teeth.

How does Botulinum Toxin reduce the size of my jaws?

Botulinum toxin injection weakens the chewing muscle over time and results in a reduction in the overall size. The facial contouring effect will only start to show in about 4 to 6 weeks after injection. Most patient will experience some weakness/tiring after chewing for a while initially, but this is only temporary and will go away over time.

Is the procedure painful?

This is a quick and rather painless procedure.  It is over in 10 minutes and there is no downtime. Most patient tolerates the procedure well and describes the feeling as slight ache/acidic feeling.

How long will the result last?

The result lasts typically between 6 to 8 months and repeat treatment is necessary to maintain the result. The more often the procedure is performed, the longer the cosmetic effect lasts, in some cases as long as one year.

Are you interested to slim your face to achieve a V shape contour?

Dr Wong Soon Tee is a MOH accredited dermatologist with many years of experience in jaw slimming injection. Call Assurance Skin Clinic at 66941121 for an appointment with Dr Wong now.

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