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Aesthetic Medicine, the Evidence behind it

Dr Wong is the speaker on the topic 'Aesthetic Medicine, the evidence behind it' during Primary Care Forum 2015 held on the 3rd Oct 2015.This is a forum jointly organized by Primary Care Academy and Singapore Health Biomedical Congress for family physicians. Below is the summary of his speech:Aesthetic Medicine (AM) is an enigma. It is practiced by many doctors, loved by the media, and welcomed by patients. Yet doubts remain on whether it is really evidence based.
Dr. Wong Soon Tee

Active with Allergies – SMA Medical Symposium on The Eternal Itch

Dr Wong Soon Tee, who delivered two talks during the Public Symposium earlier, led the last presentation of the day. He focused on four aspects of skin allergy – epidemiology, treatment, science, and his personal approach to itch.
Dr. Wong Soon Tee SMA News Sep 2014 issue

Active with Allergies – SMA Public Symposium

This year’s Singapore Medical Association (SMA) National Medical Convention, Active with Allergies, was held at Sheraton Towers Singapore on 30 August 2014.SMA President A/Prof Chin Jing Jih kicked off proceedings in the morning with a welcome address, in which he expressed his hope that members of the public in attendance could benefit from what the speakers had to offer. He emphasised the importance of getting patients to be part of their own care management teams.
Dr. Wong Soon Tee SMA News Sep 2014 issue