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Wrinkle Reduction

One of the most common signs of ageing is wrinkles. This first sign of ageing will appear at around the age of 35. With each year of wisdom adding on, men & women all over the world face the arduous task of battling against wrinkles as ageing progresses.

Although skin ageing is inevitable, the good news is, with the advancement in medicine and technologies in the past 2 decades, there is a whole new range of anti-ageing aesthetics procedures to help people reduce wrinkles. Dr ST Wong, a Skin Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in performing anti-wrinkle and fillers injection, pointed out the importance of knowing the different types of wrinkles even though they look alike. Utilizing different treatments for different types of wrinkles is more appropriate than a one-size-fits-all solution!

Aging skin with sagging and wrinkles

Aging skin with sagging and wrinkles

What are the different types of Wrinkles?

Superficial Wrinkles are fine lines on the skin surface caused by natural ageing and sun-damage. This type of wrinkles can be treated with medical grade skin care products, chemical peeling and laser or IPL photo-rejuvenation. Established medical grade skin care products usually contain Retinoid (Vitamin A) because dermatologists have proven that topical Retinoid is effective in treating fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. The key is it should have the right concentration of Retinoid in order to be effective. Our clinic carries a range of such skin care products and you are welcome to call our clinic for enquiry.

Expression Wrinkles are caused by repeated expression of facial muscles such as frowning, squinting, smiling and pursing of lips, just like repeatedly folding a piece of paper until it is permanently creased. Expression wrinkles are now easily correctable with anti-wrinkle injections. The injections work beneath the skin and target the underlying muscle that causes wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet.

Some Folds and Lines, like the smile lines (called nasolabial folds by doctors) along the sides of the nose and the mouth, are caused by skin laxity and loss of facial volume. When the problem is still early and mild, fillers injection can help soften the lines and add volume to the skin, giving the facial skin a gentle lift and a softer look.

Wrinkle Reduction Injections

There are two main types of wrinkle reduction injections:

  1. Anti-wrinkle Injection.

A highly purified muscle relaxant protein is injected into the muscle to block the signals between the nerve and the muscle. The purpose is to temporarily relax the muscle that causes the wrinkles and thus giving the skin a wrinkle-free and more youthful look. This injection is particularly useful in the upper facial areas where facial muscles are rather expressive and dynamic e.g. forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines.

For more details on anti-wrinkle injection, please click here

2.  Fillers injection.

The main purpose of filler injection is for volume replacement and augmentation. As one age, the skin loses collagen over time. There is also the loss of overall facial volume and shape due to age-related loss of facial bone and facial fat. Like a deflated balloon, the loss of volume and deflation makes the overlying skin more wrinkled and gives the face the aged appearance. Fillers provide affordable, non-surgical treatment for the correction of this volume loss, the restoration of the facial shape and improvement of lines in facial skin. In addition, fillers also have hydrating and collagen-stimulating activity to make the skin looks supple.

For more details on fillers Injection, please click here.

These two types of wrinkle reduction injections have become the prime choice for many men and women who prefer non-surgical procedure to reduce their wrinkles on the face. In 2014, over 3 million American received the anti-wrinkle injection to look younger, making it the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures in America. There were also over 1.5 million fillers injections done in the same year. All in all, more than 95% of the patients were happy with the natural rejuvenated look provided by these treatments.

Very often, you need a combination of complementary treatments to treat wrinkles as each has their specific role and purpose. Evaluation by a specialist with an eye for the details is very important, as he will take the time to study your facial anatomy and develop a treatment plan that is right for you. The objective is to give you a younger, fuller, balance and natural look and keep you in tune with your own natural beauty.

Do you want to find out how these simple yet globally popular treatments can help you to reduce your wrinkles? Call us now to fix an appointment with our skin specialist Dr Wong.