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Festive Package 2015

Festive Package 2015 Image



Are you ready for the Festive Season that is just round the corner? Our clinic has prepared these popular aesthetic packages to help you look your best in the coming months.

 All Prices below include GST.


Anti-Wrinkle Injectable 

To Erase Wrinkles & enhance Facial Features

Frown Lines & Crow’s Feet             From   $360
Facial Slimming/V Shape Fac                    $655

Fillers Injectable

For Facial Enhancement & taking Years Off 

Chin                                                     $800/ml
Cheek                                                   $965/ml 
Tear Trough                                          $1080/ml
Hydration Booster                                  $860/ml
Sculptra Face Lift                                  $1180/vial

Skin Rejuvenation Package

To get rid of Pigmentation & stimulate Collagen for a Revitalised Look 

First Consultation + 1 OPT/IPL Trial        $375      
Package of 3 OPT / IPL Tx 
+ 1 Skin Brightener                                   $1156

HydraFacial Package

Medical Facial that achieve cleansing,  exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant infusion in 1 treatment. 
Leaving your Skin Clean, Hydrated & Refresh. 

First Trial of Hydrafacial                        $300    
Package of 6 Tx + 1 Anti-Ox Serum 
OR Dermabuilder Peptide                    $1605

Acne Clear Package

Combine the best of Hydrafacial with GlySal Infusion & Chemical Peel. To achieve a Clear, Hydrated & Refresh Skin.

2 Hydrafacial + 2 Chemical Peels                                       
 + 2 GlySal Peel Infusion & 1 Glycogent   $910
Chemical Peels x 3 Tx + 1 Glycogent       $391 


It is a joy to celebrate the Year End Festive season: the coming Christmas, New Year 2015 & the Chinese New Year in Feb 2016. Do you want to look your best to celebrate this season? Our Skin Specialist Dr ST Wong has provided many safe and effective aesthetic treatments for his patients over the past 15 years.

Call us Today to make an appointment to see him. He will give his professional assessment of your skin conditions and facial features before recommending the most suitable and effective aesthetic treatments for you.


  • All Prices includes GST.
  • Other Terms & Conditions Apply
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