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Video Consultation is Now Available

Assurance Skin Clinic is open for essential and urgent medical appointment. If your problem is not as urgent, you can opt for a video-consult.

What’s an essential appointment?

Your appointment is essential if:

  • Your GP or specialist wants you to be seen as soon as possible;
  • You have a skin lesion you’re concerned about e.g. suspicious or changing moles, rapidly enlarging growth, inflamed cyst or abscess;
  • You have a rash, skin infection or scarring acne that is not under control;
  • You have an itchy and extensive rash that is affecting your sleep;
  • You have a new skin lesion and you’ve had high risk melanoma or skin cancer

If your skin problem is stable, video consultation is the most appropriate option now, as recommended by the government. If you wish to repeat your medication, our clinic can arrange for delivery of medicine to your residence.

Please call us @ 66941121 for more details.

Meanwhile, Stay Home, Stay Safe

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