Heliocare Ultra Oral

Heliocare Ultra Oral is an excellent supplement for sun protection. It strengthens the usual sun protection measures that all of us are adopting – hat, umbrella, sunscreen, UPF clothings, staying in the shade and avoiding outdoor activity during mid day.

Formulated with 480mg of the key ingredient, Fernblock ® , it has excellent antioxidant property:

  • Increases the skin’s resistance against sunburn by up to 300%. Fernblock ®  also slows down skin aging by up to 55% through the inhibition of collagen depletion caused by UVA.
  • Fernblock quenches free radicals from harmful UV rays by up to 50% and has strong antioxidant benefits.
  • 63% of improvement in melasma was observed when compared to baseline in a 12 weeks study conducted in Singapore.
  • Other than protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, Fernblock ®  repairs existing damage in the cellular level, preventing cell mutation and premature skin aging.

Heliocare Ultra Oral provides your skin with maximum sun protection when used in conjunction with topical sunscreen. It does not replace the need of topical sunscreen, topical sunscreen is still your first line of defence against harmful UV rays.

Take Heliocare Ultra Oral half an hour before exposure to the sun, with or without food.